Friday, February 4, 2011

Remix - Day 4 {denim on denim}

 Lots of blue for you today, with a pretty silk scarf in a romantic rose-y print. 
 {shirt & jeans - Gap, scarf - Besselli (GB), shoes - Urban Outfitters}
 The boys worked on their Valentine boxes yesterday. They'll use them to carry their friend's Valentines to school and the boxes will in turn be filled up with goodies from their buds (and bud-ettes) to bring back home. I helped them wrap the tops in construction paper and then they had at it. Thought Monty's idea of adding the little blocks and hearts was quite cute.
We are currently carrying tiny "light sabers" around with us everywhere we go. These even have secret compartments on the bottom for storing tiny candies (like Skittles). Stellar!

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