Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Dear Diary ...

My little E has been so terribly sick this week (all of them actually but he was the worst), but things are starting to finally look up. It's been an exhausting one though. 
The huz surprised me with this beautiful bouquet this afternoon. They've made much of the house smell delicious too! That man is pretty stinking incredible. 
I also added a few spring-y toss pillows to the couches. It's time to lighten things up a bit. 
As a quick side note, I wanted to make a comment about the article at Apartment Therapy yesterday. It was such an honor to be featured there and while I am thrilled at the opportunity, it was incredibly disheartening to read the vicious opinions of some of AT's readers (edit - several were removed). I had tried to prepare myself for a lashing but I suppose you can't prepare yourself properly for that. With that being said, I wanted to thank all of those readers that had such kind and encouraging things to say and to all of you who support me here. It means so much. I know that as a blogger, I have made the choice to open a little door to you into my world, into parts of my life that are so dear to me. What all of those comments made me realize is that I'm so thankful for my life just as it is (very simple but so perfect) and for all the things that really matter to me - God, marriage, family. This blog is a mere creative outlet for me, my few stolen moments in the day to have some fun. But the way I dress, or the way I decorate my home, or the food I eat for that matter, these things that everyone has so much to say about (each could surely be criticized by many), well ... they're not actually that important in the grand scheme of things. I had a little moment, you know? One that began with some sore spots as my little "bubble" began to sort of explode but soon ended as it all came careening back into place. There they were, my precious little men, playing happily and loving their mommy with every ounce of their beings ... and they made my heart swell with pride. I've got all I need right here. :)


  1. After your note in the blog today, i went to the apartment therapy site to read the comments on your home! I thought that they were pretty complimentary overall and the one that wasn't that nice was far outweighed by compliments!I especially like the one of you 'looking like a model'-hehehe, i agree!Anyway, you have inspired me ALL MY LIFE in everything that you do- in order of God, marriage, family!So keep doing what you are doing and keep doing it your way!You are incredible! And by the way...I still cant figure out how you look like this after three boys! Sheesh! xxx

  2. I had not read the comments yet from the article...your house is AMAZING and nothing short of cozy and wonderful! I wish I could live there! :) Kirsty, you have a gift to transform anything you touch into lovely, elegant, and chic. I love your blog and your outlook on life!


Thanks for reading!
xx Kirsty

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