Friday, March 4, 2011

Inspiration is Everywhere

I have some beautiful photos to share with you this morning. Lots of interior styling inspiration - art walls (a particular obsession of mine at the moment), home interiors, photography, clothing and jewelry. A bit of everything, all quite spectacular and displayed so wonderfully in homes around the world. 
Just loving this family photo. 
 Can't get enough of vintage bedding - pillow cases, sheets, duvets and quilts in pretty florals. 
 We had similar checked flooring in our previous home. Miss those little details sometimes (and the mint green bath tub too!).
 A little day dream: Wish we lived in the English countryside, where this room would surely be just perfect. Languid days of children running about outside in the endless fields (envisioning Stella McCartney's country home) while I sit on this balcony reading a book or painting the horizon. So romantic but a little funny too, since life is so far removed from this. It's still fun to dream.
 A little more realistic for us, I think. And I'm a huge lover of granny (chic) quilts ...
 and crocheted table cloths, so pretty ...
 and vintage shopping ...
 and chiffon dresses ... 
 this dress and that necklace ... 
{tamar at etsy}
ooh, and the gorgeous red rose one too.  
 New spring-y accent pillows - just lovely.
{nest decorating, all other images via candi mandi's flickr}

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