Monday, March 28, 2011

Over the Weekend...

We had a very relaxing weekend. How about you? Or perhaps you had much to accomplish? I've had plenty of those too. We did have a yucky stomach bug bothering us at the beginning of week's end but it soon went it's not-so-merry way and we celebrated its farewell with a movie afternoon of Planet 51 and popcorn on the couch. Also had a game and dessert night with friends, soccer practice, a reading stop at Starbucks (tiramisu cake pop in hand - super yum!), and plenty of laundry and floor washing. They're now sparkly clean, just the way I like them.

On Saturday afternoon we sprawled out in the sun that poured through our windows and enjoyed more than a few snuggles.
Peekaboo - the gleeful game that never tires.
Pre-school prep training
Student council president campaign speech practice session
We whipped up a delicious and oh-so-summery fruit pizza.
{sugar cookie dough + cool whip mixed with key lime yogurt + fruit = perfection for kids and adults alike!}
My outfit

{cardi - Anthropologie (gift from mother-in-law), top - Billabong from T J Maxx, belt - J. Crew, jeans - Gap}
Worked on my "cat eye" and that elusive upwards flick. Such a tricky little thing for me.

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