Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Spring - is that you?

Hello friends! I've almost not made it here today. It's been an eventful one, to say the least. We've had a monster snow storm on this 3rd day of spring (someone's having a good chuckle up There) and well, the trees in our yard are weighed down beyond their capacity to carry said snow. So they've been breaking all over the yard and 2 of them left us in some trouble. This morning a large one fell in a perfect enough spot to down a power line and hence our electricity, for about 7 hours. So we all scooted skidded over to grandma's house for the day. While there, the huz reports another branch thudding down not-so-gently on our roof,  more damage yet unsure of amount until the snow melts. Can you believe it? 

Now for the good news. Got to chill with my girls for the afternoon and while rummaging through my mom's basement, we unearthed these dreamers. A pair of chunky heeled, unabashedly glittered beauties from Nine West. We're sure they're from high school though none of us remember whose feet they graced. Surely someone's prom. Just can't figure out who. Isn't that strange? My guess is Daena. She tends to forget (or for that matter, remember) the oddest of details from her past. :)
Not to worry, I'm sure our cherry blossoms will bloom soon enough. In the meantime we'll eat cake pops from Starbucks and dance around the kitchen to Summer Lovin' and Surfin' USA.

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