Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Charlie Dale - 6 months

Here he is, the cutest 6 month old in all the land ... Charlie Dale Gus Gus. He came over yesterday to have his 6 month portraits done and smiled grandly through them all. 

A bit about Charlie - 
~He's not sure he loves to eat "big" food yet and so he spits most of it out when his mom is not looking.
~He's very small, so he likes to yell loudly in the car to make up for his tiny size (big personalities come in little packages, he says). 
~He loves to chat with his cousin Elliot and thinks little E is very funny.
~He likes to sleep on his tummy (shhh.... don't tell his doctor) cause "child's pose" is his favorite way to relax, something he picked up from his mama's prenatal yoga.
~He loves his Aunty Cara cause she gives the best bounces and has the strongest arms for the high jumps he enjoys so much (and she's quite capable for pulling off 45 minute spurts of jumping).
~He thinks he might want to start crawling really soon but prefers to keep everyone on the edge of their seats in anticipation.  

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  1. Beautiful pics sister!!!! I can't wait to squeeze him and cover him with kisses. That goes for E too. :)


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