Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Day to Night

 I thought I'd give you a closer look at the photos we took over the weekend. I was really excited to be asked to contribute to Apples, a family magazine here in Green Bay. The first article I'm doing will feature what I call "mama style for the summer" as I thought it might be best to write about what I obsess over daily - fashion! I have a series of "looks" that I styled from one key piece, taking an outfit from day to night with just a few simple additions. The best part? They're all inexpensive items from stores that most could afford, even on a tight budget (and the "nicer" of these stores often have great sales).

This first look is what I'd wear for a morning's breeze through the farmer's market (a little coffee with a scone, a bouquet of spring flowers, a tote overflowing with fresh fruits and veges). I'd wear a comfortable wrap skirt in a gorgeous silk print, a simple tank and sandals, decorated with a floppy hat to shade myself from the sun and turquoise beads for that earth mama vibe. :)
Here's that same skirt, wrapped in the opposite direction making it fresh again, now with a fancier t, a wide belt and some killer heels - perfect for date night. Viola!
Outfit 1 - "Farmer's Market"
hat - Banana Republic
beads - Goodwill
tank - Old Navy
skirt - Touch of the World (GB)
sandals - Express

Outfit 2 - "Date Night"
t - H&M
belt - Target
skirt - same
jewels - Piperlime and Banana Republic 
shoes - Target


  1. so cute and practical! love it!

  2. I love those "date night" heels!!!:-)

  3. Oh Yay! Did you happen upon that lovely skirt at Touch of the World? : )

  4. Ahh, sorry I should read the whole entry, I see you did get it there. ^^>


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