Sunday, April 10, 2011

Dear Little E

 You're 18 months, my little man, and you're the sweetest year and a halfer we've had. In fact, we even love your company when we're out and about cause you enjoy riding around town with us, hopping into this store and that store, never complaining (as long as there are snacks on hand!). And your smile, oh, it's the  best smile out there cause you don't just bare your 9 teeth, you scrunch up your nose and and grin as big and as wide as you can. I think you know now that it's your secret weapon and with just one scrunchy smile, you can get anything you want. Your big brother Rowie has one too - it's "pweeeeeese" with chin raised slightly and head shaking side to side as if he were singing an opera. Speaking of, you and Rowie have become fast friends. It's awesome seeing the love growing between little brothers. Your vocab is expanding rapidly and you're even attempting the 2-worder. This week your specialty is "go walk" which you're using often as you've discovered that playing outside is totally amazing! We've stayed out there for hours at a time and you're never happy to come in. Yesterday you were all wilderness explorers, poking around in the dirt with sticks and venturing down overgrown trails. But you know what my favorite bit about you is? (besides your tummy, your bunnies, the way you always start dancing the second you hear music, the way you climb on top of anyone who happens to be laying on the floor, the way you talk to us so seriously, the way you put your head on my shoulder when I uppie you, the way you wave good bye when you're up to some mischief). It's the way you always play with my hair when you're on my hip. It's become habitual for you and it's oh-so sweet for me. So thanks little E, you make my day ... everyday.

I found this photo yesterday. Twas those painful and focused moments before you arrived. You can tell I'm thinking hard, can't you? Probably something like I'll never, ever do this again it'll all be worth it in the end, when you're in my arms!

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