Monday, April 25, 2011

Family Portraits

Mya Lillian - 3 months - "loves sparkly jewelry & sheepskin rugs"
{headband by ryah sofia}
(big brother) Keyan Ross - 6 years - "loves martial arts & changing sister's diapers - ;) NOT!"
 The Skorzewski fam
 Adorlee Iris - 3 years - "loves ballet & singing; prefers to be on stage"
 (big brother)  Dylan Robert - 5 years - "loves tennis & driving his jeep around the block"
 Charlie Dale - 7 months - "loves mommy & daddy and sometimes Aunty Kirsty"
 Uh ... guys?
{all photos by me. contact at for your own family session!}

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  1. Love love love those pics of mya. She looked fantabulous. Now if only I could get adorlee into the habit of wearing her jewels like she's into the habit of wearing at least 7 dresses a day :). It's a struggle just to get the broach on. Great job, kir. Really, peeps, email her for a photo shoot. She won't disappoint.


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