Wednesday, April 27, 2011

The Frenzy Continues

I am declaring this week and the next (and the week after, for that matter), my birthday extravaganza celebration. In fact, I think I'll just go ahead and call myself "the birthday queen", if that's alright. Comes but once a year. So here I have a wish list that I've filled with much- adored, dreamy items which are still (unfortunately) sitting on the fence in regards to actual home delivery. They're the goodies I'd love to have but that are still somewhat indulgent. You know ... would be nice, but is it necessary? Which leads to this question - Have any of you girls actually had any success in growing a money tree?
Been longing for a pretty silk blouse to wear with my jeans or tuck into a pencil skirt. This one is just about perfect. 
{Skydot blouse - Madewell - $79.99}
A little secret - Elliot has these exact sandals in tan and I think mommy should have some to match! 
{My Saltwater Sandals - Madewell - $40}
This chiffon blouse with it's rockin' leopard print would be cool enough in the summer heat but still transition well into fall. 
{leopard tie blouse - NG - $48}
And of course, the sheer skirt, something I've been going on about for a while now but which understandably presents potential problems. If it were the ideal length, I'd be sold! 
{sheer lace skirt - Urban Outfitters - $79}

I promise to take more outfit photos again. It's been a little while and it's largely due to the fact that I've been battling a tummy bug. But I'm feeling much better today and will work on looking cute again for you. Not sure if my current look is a great option, not that it's not amazing (I think this birthday queen thing is getting to my head), but rather cause I'm a little sweaty and ruffled from this morning's dance practice. I recently heard a really beautiful song (that the huz was working on for a recent gig) and I felt so completely inspired by it and decided to whip up a routine for my upcoming dance recital (little under 3 weeks away!). I'm actually dancing in it and yes, I'm terribly out of shape! But I've been practicing almost every morning so things are looking up. I hope to actually have video from this year's performance and if I can figure out how to get said video onto youtube from a DVD, I will try to post the dance. I've only ever done it from my iphone. Hmmm ... a challenge!

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  1. I am thrilled you will be dancing in the recital...I am looking forward to seeing you dance AND to hear this inspiring song! My request was granted ;)


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