Friday, May 20, 2011

Feels Like Summer

"Girl's Night"
 It's a magnificent day outside and all the GB locals are surely outdoors enjoying this weather. I can certainly hear just about every lawn mower in the neighborhood buzzing and every dog seems to be on a walk this afternoon. We're sitting outside, eating our lunch and watching the boys run through a sprinkler. Sigh. Kinda perfect moment. 
Tonight I'll be hanging with about 775 other ladies (we're going to a movie - haha ;) and so, though I intend to wear this, there's always that chance I'll switch it out for a pair of jeans, just in case it's too chilly. This blouse is really pretty, a cool Aztec-y silk on the front with the look of a slouchy grey t at the back. TJ's is coming through for me once again! My sisters gave me these shoes a few years ago - they're so stinking fashion forward. I remember thinking at the time that there was no way I'd get through even 1 hour in these shoes, they were so high! Now ... piece a cake. 
{necklace - Express, blouse & shorts (cut from full length) - T J Maxx, belt - Target, bracelet - Disney, clutch - Old Navy, wedges - Baker}

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