Tuesday, May 10, 2011


{"jazzerina" - a term coined by a dear traveling dance friend and ballet teacher back in the 90's, and the name she gave me during class. It seems that though most of my training was in ballet, I was not really that prima of a ballerina and excelled a bit more in jazz. My favorite happens to be the intertwining of the two - love you Hope!}
My wonderful friend Mandi has been taking dance pictures tirelessly (for me) this past week. You see, we have this little performance (I just hate the word "recital" though, yes, that's basically what it is) this Saturday afternoon and our lives are all-consumed by dance choreography, polishing, decorating, organizing, photographing and the like. It's a wildly exciting time for these girls and likely even more so for me. I love these shows! It's tiny in comparison to most, 45 minutes at best, and not only do we dance but we eat delicious treats around fancy candlelit tables. The all out event of the year! Sooooo ... I mentioned that I decided to dance this year and we whipped up a little something and had just 2 rehearsals to practice it. My little ladies have worked so very hard and look really lovely. This piece is choreographed to a song that had me so inspired I could not resist - Bethany Dillon's "Dreamer" (sung best by Jeanna Bosacki ;). So here are a few pictures from Saturday's rehearsal. It's been about a decade since I last had dance pictures taken, so I was rather excited to try them again (though my thighs were not happy to repeat that leap 8 times in a row). We don't have a beautiful dance facility to photograph in, but one day perhaps ... taking baby steps in that direction with mirrors arriving this summer. 
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  1. Love that first picture...amazing, I could never do it! :)

  2. Love that first picture...amazing, I could never do it! :)

  3. love this post, amazing pictures! you're such a beautiful dancer!


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