Thursday, May 5, 2011

Mr. Personality

Dear Little E - 
You're 19 months old and you're full of personality! Gone are the days of sweet, cuddly, quiet. Instead our days are filled with noise - chatter, screams, cries, and laughs. You're a very loud little man. Now, let me address your tantrums as they have wound their stinky way into your life and I suppose I'd say you have one (albeit short lived) hoop and holler per day. The good thing? They make me laugh and laugh and laugh. You're terribly funny when you're mad, and so dramatic. I've decided to try to ignore your drama and it seems to work fairly well, cause you soon forget what you were mad about in the first place. Except for a couple of nights ago when you were reprimanded by your daddy for throwing your food and you were so heart broken by it that you sobbed for the rest of the evening. Such a tender heart (haha). 

You are now capable of climbing anything you wish and so nothing is off limits (unfortunately for me). You like to push the chair over to the sink, hoist yourself on to it, and then yell at me to turn on the water. Very cute. You also love to climb up onto the bench at our dining table to terrorize those that are eating (meaning, grab their food from under their noses). Needless to say, you're starting to get yourself into a bit of trouble nowadays. Such a huge change from even a month ago, when you were all peaches and cream. Now you're peaches and cream with a hint of lemon zest. 

You also feed yourself - bowl and spoon. No more food spread out all over your tray, which is rather nice. You're so self sufficient. Speaking of, you also like to take off your diapers when they're full. Awesome. If only you could put a fresh one one again. Some of your favorite things are swimming with mommy, riding bikes and weeding the garden with your bros, watching Kung Fu Panda in the car (you yell for me to turn it "on" the second you're in your seat), and, of course, attempting to do whatever it is your big brothers are doing. They're so unbelievably cool, aren't they?

I love you little E and I'm so proud of you. Mwa!

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