Sunday, May 1, 2011

A Sunday Outfit {+ a look at home}

 "Off to Church"
Hello friends! It was a terribly windy day today, so outdoor pictures were a little haphazard. I loved wearing this khaki color in the form of a simple silky dress and accessorizing with white and gold, plus that little pop of color down below. 

 {necklaces - Anthropologie and Target, dress - Target ($17), bangles - grandmother and Banana Republic, purse - Aldo, shoes - Nine West}

I've recently moved all the rugs around at home. We had our carpets shampooed and when it was time to  put everything back in it's place, I decided to mix things up a bit instead, placing them elsewhere. I crave change in my home decor, so things are always moving around. I thought I'd try layering 2 rugs in our bedroom to create a more bohemian look and feeling in that particular space. 
And I've taken the living room rug and put it by the fireplace which works wonders for the room as it's a large rug and fits the space perfectly. Makes much more sense there. 
  100 vibrant peacock feathers that will be used in some fancy candlelit decor soon. 
Hope you're having a splendid weekend!

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