Thursday, June 9, 2011

Etsy Loves

I've recently added a few more items to my faves at Etsy and I thought I'd share them today. This collection of goodies below is spectacular, isn't it? What a great idea ... scouring for similar items and painting them within the same quirky color scheme, then throwing them up on a spacious wall for a dramatic statement in your home. 
 FunkieFinds - $180
This store covers dress forms in all sorts of cool fabrics!
 CorsetLacedMannequin - $320
With Monty's birthday just around the corner, I'm longing to get him a cuddly handmade toy (he happens to love "sleepy friends"). The two below are just so sweet (and that little man looks kinda like daddy - haha!).
 SimpliJessi - $50-$55
SimpliJessi - $70-$75
I faved this bright pink table as a reminder of how a splash of color (and a bit of sanding) can transform an old piece of furniture into something really striking. 
RubyRhino1 - $1505

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