Monday, June 20, 2011

Happy Birthday Monty!

My amazing little Monty turned 4 yesterday and he had his friends and family over for a party on Saturday to celebrate. Here's how things turned out ...  
I made his little hat and a bunting for his cake. He asked for a rice crispie treat cake, his favorite, and he requested jellies along the outside. I used Martha's recipe, just to make sure I didn't mess this up! The kids took home these mini beach balls as their swimmy favors (Oriental Trading Co).
We served popcorn puffs and ice pops in buckets (Target $ spot). The polka dot garland and "Happy Birthday" bunting are party decorations that we use over and over, year after year. The first I made while the 2nd was a Hobby Lobby find a couple of years ago. We also love to stake balloons into the ground with skewers for extra happy color. :)
Here are a few of our special guests ... 
We also made our own personal pizzas with topping choices of pepperoni, olives, mushrooms, mozzarella and marinara. I thought it was a nice way to offer an activity (should the kids not want to swim) as I had no real games planned. Wilderness explorers tend to keep busy enough in our backyard. 
All in all, a really terrific day! 
(we missed the grandparents so much though)

Dear Monty ~

You are finally 4 years old. I feel like you've been at least that for ages now. But, my sweet little man, you were a mere 3 and I tended to forget it, I think. Daddy and I were talking (just before your big day) about how a year ago, just before you turned 3, you weren't even potty trained and I still have your last pack of pull ups to prove it! Can you believe that? You've grown so much in this past year and I just can't believe how mature you are ... and how brave. You do things that your big brother won't even try and, of course, that's why it's easy to forget your young age. You're so incredible that way! So spontaneous, so athletic, such a lover of life. You're an inspiration to me. 

I look forward to all the fun we'll have together this next year. I'm sure so much will happen and you'll learn such important things. We'll be here with you, loving you and helping you in your endeavors, every step of the way. We love you so much Rowie!

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