Monday, June 6, 2011

Sweet, Sweet Sunday

 Our little tribe had a beautiful weekend and yesterday was especially fun. I decided to take out a membership at the gym for the summer, hoping to keep in shape while most dance classes take a break. So I visited the gym twice and I'm still hurting today. I also happened to have an hour long massage on Friday, which came at a perfect time. This weekend we went swimming & to parties, we took pictures of a studdly little 8 month old & went shopping, we made strawberry-banana smoothies (yes, mom, I stole your blender) & saw Kung Fu Panda 2. Then, best of all, on Sunday we rode our bikes to a dinner overlooking the water. So amazing!

Here are a few pictures of yesterday's outfit, another day to night transitioning look. I found this skirt (over the weekend) on sale for $24.95 at American Eagle and it was, for me, completely swoon worthy because of it's soft, floaty white ruffles and embroidery. I just can't resist romantic whites for summer (actually, any time of the year). 

Morning -
 {ear rings - Free People, necklace & dress/skirt - American Eagle, bracelets - heirloom, tank - Target, shoes - Aldo}

Lovely E looking on ...
 And for dinner ...
I wore it as a dress and added a cardi since we were going to be riding our bikes, and it was sure to turn chilly later that night. But what a perfect evening to take a ride along the water.
 The huz with our snazzy company.
Not easy to take pictures while riding!
We were soooo cool last night that we actually "restaurant" hopped and ended up at the place behind us (below) after "dinner" (long, funny, wierd story). They had a fab band playing, so it was a great way to end the night. Though the whole experience was rather eye opening in the "30's and loving it!" department. Plus, it's truly hilarious what people do when they're feeling a little loopy - guys singing Journey songs to each other (with pointed fingers, just like a rockstar ;) even when they're straight. Or girls dancing around like they're at home in their living room, completely ALONE. Notsomuchfriends. There were plenty of eyes on you. Too funny.
The view at dinner.
 The real rockstars minus C & J (who are way too cool and important AND are moving to Vegas next month!)
Oh, and Snico, I'm working on it! ;)

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