Thursday, July 7, 2011

Green Bay Street Style

I spent some time at the downtown farmer's market (on Broadway) late yesterday afternoon. I was armed with my camera, hoping to capture some decent pictures of the most stylish in attendance. Green Bay is no fashion mecca and it's true that it seems rare to find inspiration in the style "on the street" around me. BUT, it became clear to me last week (when I made my first quick roam through this market) that Broadway's weekly shindig is the place where our fashion conscious enjoy a leisurely stroll, the summery spot where beautiful families and pretty singles enjoy a glass of wine (with their kettle corn), while live music serenades their bustling and conversations. The eats have improved this year, now including a very delicious pad thai and even some dreaming looking gelato. 

Here are the beautiful looks that walked my way. It seems that the GB girls are, indeed, reading their Luckys! This summer's GB street style preferences include plenty of breezy sundresses, tiny belts, cross body bags, gorgeous sandals, funky sunglasses, and a wonderful laid back summer vibe. We love our summers in this city and we love to show off our style when those heavy coats finally come off. 

A darling pair, looking so summer chic. 
Cute mom/daughter combo. Love the romper, sandals, accessories. She pays attention to the details. 
A little summer butterfly.
 Simple but so pretty, standing out in a crowd. 
 A stand-out maxi dress (and it's from Target!).
 Lovely lady in a perfect romper. 
 The market uniform - floral sundress, cross body bag, leather sandals, and cute sunglasses. 
 Beautiful grandmas.
 Bouquets of fresh flowers spotting the crowds with color. 
 A cool gent.
 My dad enjoying some curly potato chips smothered in cheese, fresh from the fryer. Yum!
Summer hair. 
 Gorgeous mamma style - sundress, satchel, turquoise sandals (cute offspring :). 
 Summer staple #2 - short shorts, pretty tops, sweet sandals (and braids!).
 An entire stand with the express purpose of selling us yummy cupcakes! How did they know my obsession was all consuming and that I would surely clean them out? Brilliance! Now we just need a macaroon stand. 
 Pretty preggie belly in a cute dress. 
 Cat woman? I still appreciate the effort. :) 
 A beautiful family - simple and chic. 
I loved how she wrapped the scarf around her head. 
 These two cuties were actually the first two I spotted. Unfortunately you can't see the little cowboy boots on the left, which really spiced up her outfit. I'll have to get better at capturing the entire look when I'm snapping so quickly. Practice, practice. 
Till tomorrow!

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