Monday, July 18, 2011

In and Out

 Hello friends! It's a week "off" for us and so we're going to be having a little extra fun traveling here and there and doing all the sorts of things we're not usually able to. The big boys left today for Florida and little E and I took a trip to Milwaukee with the huz. Temperatures are in the 90's this week and the windows on our home are wet with condensation. Not something I've seen since I've lived here (well, at least on that side of the window). So we've had plenty of pink cheeks today along with lots of water. I may only get here sporadically this week and just in case you notice, do not fret. :) I'm just having too much fun to sit down at my computer. Woohoo!
Tiramisu from the Starbucks at Barnes and Noble keeping me (delicious) company on the drive home (along with The Hunger Games).

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  1. I could not put The Hunger Games down, I hope you like it.


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