Thursday, July 28, 2011

A Look at Home

We've been home much of today, with the rain sprinkling down here and there, keeping us from spending too much time outdoors. I thought I'd take a few pictures of my newest lovelies from Anthropologie. I picked up a couple of plates for my wall when I was there last week but still have to put them up. The colorful whistles are little gifts from grandma's trip to South Africa and I decided to add the hydrangeas to the mix, since my home and garden are currently filled to the tippy-brim with them.  

It's the tiniest of (sweet) details that catch my attention ...
An attempt at drying hydrangeas, which isn't all that pretty really, but still kind of interesting. I suppose they should dry upright in a vase? Oh well, I have enough to try any which way, and row upon row of these look quite (eerily) beautiful.
At the peak of pretty. 
 Friday is almost here! Whew.

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