Monday, July 25, 2011

A White Party!

My boys are back, safe and sound, and our family is whole again. We're all relaxed and re-engerized after our vacation-y week, free of work and responsibility and packed full of fun and spontaneity. We need those more often! :)

My (amazing-fantastic-rockstar) sister Daena celebrated her 30th birthday over the weekend with the party of the century. Haha - well, at least in this neck of the woods. We wined and dined, got crazy taking jump shots, and ended the evening in a fairytale. 

Take a look ...
 {poms from etsy, flowers from our back yard}
 My sister and I ...
 all the ladies ...
 the dudes ...  
The lanterns ...
We were so excited to surprise the crowd with the lanterns at the end of the evening and so everyone hopped in their cars and headed to the river. They were quite tricky to figure out and eventually get into the air, but once we realized the process (light, hold down on the ground until it fills with hot air, and let go), they flew off into the night sky so beautifully.
Except this one, which was dead-set on landing in a tree, causing shrieks from the crowd and visions of burning bushes until someone climbed up and saved the day!
(fyi - fire department was previously warned of our endeavors). 
A spectacular end to a very special night. Happy Birthday Daena!

The end. 


  1. I love the sisters picture and the one of 'the dudes' is great, very dynamic. Happy Birthday Daena!

  2. Oh and the fact that you got to light floating lanterns! That is so cool, was this Tangled(Disney) inspired?


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