Monday, August 22, 2011

Black and White Weekend

It seems that I had a very color (or lack thereof) focused couple of days, wearing outfits consisting almost entirely of black and white, not the uszh for me. Sometimes I find myself in that sort of mood (colors really can depict my mood and often even brighten it, especially in mid-winter when I'm fairly close to death), the kind where a crisp white with a classic black is perfect all on it's own, no additional pigments necessary. 

This is the dressy version of that color palette.
{our new lens is kinda awesome, isn't it?}
 {Outfit 1: t & necklace - J. Crew, skirt - Gap, sandals - Aldo}
And the more casual ensemble ... movie date with my man (hence the jacket)
{Outfit 2: jacket - Hollister (ooold), t - Old Navy, scarf & skirt - Target, boots - Forever 21}
PS: This used to be my perfect "boyfriend" t, fits just right in all the right places. But it now boasts a savage hole (Old Navy will do that to you). My sister recently discovered that the size small men's t-shirt from Gap is her perfect boyfriend t. Yay for that! Have you found another elsewhere that is your perfect "boyfriend" fit (oversized, slouchy and fab)? Do share!

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  1. Hi Kirsty--Chelsey again. I love both of these outfits, especially the first (fab). As for your questions regarding the perfect boyfriend t, I am fond of the Mossimo Boyfriend T at Target. I am a fan of the V-neck variety and I simply purchase a size up for the extra slouch. Comfy, wash (and dry) nicely, and offer tons of colors. Also, with pininterest, must you be invited to join? I would like to stop bogging my computer memory with millions of saved photos. Sending love your way, beauty. Miss you!


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