Monday, August 1, 2011

Cat Woman

So ... yesterday I wore this jumper, something I spied when brushing through the racks at H&M and one that stopped me dead in my tracks. The huz can attest to this fact, as he bumped right into me at that light-shining-from-heavens moment. You see, I was just supposed to be looking around, doing the quick sweep of the store with the promise to not try things on but wait until the next day when we'd stop back at the places we'd liked most. There was just so much to see and we couldn't make any rash purchases without seeing it all and then doubling back, completely certain of our favorites. A good plan, yes? 

But I loved this and knew it was meant to be. No mulling it over needed. 

We used to wear "cat suits" when we were younger, very similar to this actually. I can't call it a cat suit anymore cause most people think of Halle Berry when I do, so Phil says to call it a jumper (he must have been stealing glances at my mags when I wasn't looking). But I thought jumpers were cute little outfits only for toddlers. Oh well, a onesie is a onesie and really, they belonged to our kids first. 

I know this is a lot of look right here. Reminds me of something Heidi Klum might wear. Not sure why.  Am I right? 
I went for sandals as it was a stifling summer day but I think it would look better with a kitten heel or wedge (perhaps bootie and leather jacket in the fall?). 
 I've been using nude, gold and bronze shadows on my eyes this summer and I thought I'd try for a close up shot so you could see. I have a Stila palette called "The It Girl" which is really beautiful and probably my favorite of all those I've tried. I use the nude shimmer on most days, just on it's own, though lately I've actually taken to a simple sweep of liquid liner in place of any shadow. It's seems to make your eyes "pop" better than a sheer nude would do and at this stage of the game, a good eye pop is what I need! But on this occasion the blend is a little more bronzed, with a dash of gold to highlight. If you're looking for a new shadow, you should give this palette a try. I think it'll work well through the winter too. 
 The boys joined me for a group picture because I wanted you to see their matching tie shirts, made by a friend's mom for our little guys. Thank you so, so much B and B's mamma - we love them!

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