Monday, September 12, 2011

A Little Unexpected

 Things unexpected (and, fingers crossed, not a faux pas):
1. This (dare I say) hot weather!
2. Cords worn despite high temps
3. Corduroy paired with lace (?)
4. Boots worn despite high temps
5. Ombre hair without paying the big $ for it
{top - Free People from Besselli (GB), necklace - SA, skirt - Gap, boots - Forever 21}

This morning little E and I made a swing by the grocery store, our usual Monday morning ritual. But this time we shuffled home with a delummy (delightfully yummy) treat in hand ...

a donut filled with apples and topped with caramel. Seriously tear jerking! We have a thing for donuts, the two of us. A vicious habit to break. 
Also spiced up the entry with some fall foliage.
Hope your Monday is grand. 

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