Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Long, Flowy, Stunning!

I've felt completely swamped this week and so have not made it this way as frequently. Sorry about that! My washing machine is dead as a doornail and I've been running to and from my mom's house to do laundry (keep in mind that there's at least 1 load daily over here!). And my little sister has been here visiting so we've spent every available second with her, including later nights which I'm obviously not cool enough to keep up with. And finally, my dance classes are back in full swing and already I am listening to Christmas music, deciding on dances, and browsing through mags of costumes. Yes, it's true, I'm singing "tra la la la la" already. 

But for now, I'm taking a blissful few moments to sigh over these magnificent dresses. They're just so dreamy. 
{Tory Burch}
{Diane Von Furstenberg}
{Rachel Zoe}
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