Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Blast from the Past

I've found myself reaching for these pants a whole lot lately, the comfy alternative to jeans, but not actual leggings which are far more difficult for me to wear.  Okay, so maybe leggings aren't as outdated as the title suggests, but still, they're a little 2005 ... don't you think? :) 

These have the same details as a pair of denim - pockets, zipper, etc - and so they're a little more wearable. The huz calls them my jeggings. Mwahahaha. And my sister's husband calls her ankle booties "cankles". Pretty impressive guys. 
 {necklace - garage sale,  blazer - Gap, t - J Crew, tank (underneath) - Aerie, pants - T J Maxx, shoes - Forever 21}

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