Thursday, October 20, 2011

Grey Sparkle

I succumbed to sequins on Sunday, a month early I guess. Found this sweet little sweater at Forever 21 and just couldn't wait to wear it! Be assured, you will see it again. 

I love the look of shorts with tights in the winter, but I haven't any of those cute trouser shorts I've seen around. Then, as I was rummaging through some of my clothes (those stored separately - a mix of trendy, special occasion, very old and maternity), I happened across these shorts. Perfect! They're really old, pretty sure as old as high school, but they did the job nicely.  

Parker took these pictures for me cause his daddy was glued to a Packer game and I didn't have the heart to tear him away. I thought he did a pretty great job too!

{sweater - Forever 21, shorts - too old to know, booties - T J Maxx}


  1. Parker did a great job with the photos! I wouldn't be able to keep that sweater off either, fabulous!


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