Wednesday, October 12, 2011

I'm a Big Kid Now!

 It's that time again at our house ... time to move outta that wobbly crib (don't think it could last another baby, sadly. love that crib) and into a "big boy" bed. We've been sleeping here for 4 nights now and though it's not without a noisy romp around the room at nap time and a second tuck in, we still think it's gone quite decently.

Elliot also received a few squishy new friends to share his new bed and he loves them.
 There's Ox, Jeero and Kitschy. The first two are Ugly Dolls found through Zulilly (from his auntie) and the patchwork fox is from Puddle Duck in De Pere (from his Grannie).
 Then he also received this yo-yo rocking horse from his Ouma's trip to Germany. 
 And this wind up dinosaur from his buddies. 
 Not to mention a spiffy grandpa cardi for the winter ahead. 
What wonderful prezzies!

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