Friday, November 25, 2011

A Day in the Life {thanksgiving style}

{my mom's dinner table}

Just a few pictures from our Thanksgiving before I go to bed. It's been a long one today ... 

... the huz broke his thumb playing soccer last Sunday (he's the goalie, just in case you were wondering how that happened) and today he had surgery to repair it. 

But the good thing is he had some itty bitty lights installed so that it glows in the dark, just for Monty. 
My sister and I drinking home made sangria (will have to post recipe soon). 
 My niece Adorlee wanted to take some pictures too. So here are a couple she took of me and then I took a few of her. 
(she posed me too!)

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  1. Kirsty...the sun is gorgeous! Do u see the figure? Look closely!
    Debbie Bates


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