Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Mommy Moments

Dear Parker,

Gosh, you've put my heart on a roller coaster ride in these past few months and I'm trying to keep up with you and your unusually speedy growth. Your circumstances have changed so much this school year and it's allowed/caused you to mature at a startling rate. I literally went from a very dependent (well, to a degree) 6 year old boy, one who preferred for mommy to handle most aspects of life, to an independent and smart 6 year old who no longer requires his mommy at his side most of the day.

Here are a few milestones that we've crossed in the past month -
1. You have finally learned to tie your shoes! It was one of those things that you gave up on last year because you couldn't get it right the first time. But you're an expert lace tier now.
2. You lost your first tooth and what a celebration it was! You weren't nervous about the tooth fairy coming by either, something that you were definitely nervous about when I first mentioned the tooth fairy a year ago. You even baggie-d up her trail of fairy dust and tucked it into your hiding place to keep forever.
3. You've become a confident reader and your teacher tells me that you even enjoy reading out loud to the class, which really surprised me. A good surprise! My favorite is when you sit with your brothers at night and read to them. That's really and truly amazing ...
4. You've developed a love for the world and you love to learn about all the famous places around this fine planet. This is something we seem to share and so I love talking to you about this incredible world we live in and it's many, many beauties. One day you came home from school and told me about a place that was in ruins and who's name sounded like something out of a Star Wars movie. Hmmmm....? I had no idea, seeing as I've yet to see a full length Star Wars movie. And then all of a sudden you yelp, "Machu Picchu!" Woah, impressive that you'd remember. And I yelped back, "I've been there!" (much like puppy dogs, it seems). I know it's silly, but I get a kick out of it when you mention a famous place and I can proudly tell you that I've been there. Makes your eyes widen and my super mommy status grow. Fabs!
5. You really and truly are an artist. For a little while there I wondered if I was just putting that on you, you know, encouraging art and you going along with it because you knew it made me happy. But I can see now that it makes you happy too. You are constantly drawing and creating. Kind of awesome!
Dear Monty,

You too, my little man, have grown and matured in these past few months. I'm told that you're no longer as quiet at school and that you're now playing with your friends and getting into all sorts of trouble. I would have expected nothing less. Haha! No really, you're the epitome of a boy - all rough and tumble (but with hugs and kisses on the side) - and so you are, shall we call it "hands on" at school which is pretty much against the rules. Teachers like to encourage kids to "keep your hands to yourself" (I have to tell my dancers that too though, baby, so it's not just boys). So we're teaching you to leave the r&t at home. You're starting to get much better at writing and you've almost got your name down now, though it's been funny to watch. For some reason you've written it as "M-o-T-t-y".

You've become very creative and you love to tell short stories. Your favorite main character is your grandpa and you tell us all sorts of anecdotes about his life. At first we'd ask you if you were talking about papa or papi, but you said that you weren't and that we'd not met your grandpa. Finally (with a shy smile) you named him "Junio". :) Junio is quite the character too, as he seems to have found himself in all sorts of trouble at one time or another. The latest story told of Grandpa Junio's time in jail ... JAIL! He apparently went there after some sort of fireworks accident but not sure of the details (in fact, he may have even broken out). He's also apparently owned all sorts of cool things, like Nerf guns and walkie talkies. The sorts of things you love, of course. Then finally you told us a bit more and we realized that you were talking about your great-grandpa, the one you were named after (Montgomery) .... Grand-dad Mont. We figured it out after you said that your grandpa was in heaven. Then it all fell into place. It's funny that you like to talk about him and tell us his stories. Suppose you feel akin to him.
Dear Elliot,

You're a 2 year old now, sweet thing, and despite the aforementioned endearment you are at times .... positively sour. You've realized how to be a real punk and though it comes in small doses instead of a constant flow all day long (just counting my blessings here), you sure know how to bully around your brothers. We're working on that buddy, so hopefully by the time you can read this we'll all have a good laugh about it. You've handled sleeping in a big boy bed so differently to your brothers and it's a pain in the butt! You like to open the door right after you're tucked in and we deal with these shenanigans for some time before you're to sleep. The problem is that you knew how to open doors before you moved out of your crib. And you're persistent! Let's just say, little E, that better days are ahead.

Things you do that make me smile -
1. You love wearing gloves and hats (even around the house). Good thing too with winter knocking on our door.
2. Last night you walked into our bedroom at about 2am and talked loudly and importantly as if this was completely normal and super awesome!
3. You love sitting on Parker's lap, especially when watching a show. You just back that thing up right into him.
4. You're fearless, just like Rowie. You try to do everything that he does and it's really impressive what you're capable of.
Love you boys to bits and pieces!

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