Monday, November 28, 2011

Sunday best {pleated gold}

I recently spotted this ensemble in my newest Lucky mag and realized that I had a very similar skirt (seen in all it's glory here originally) and a black blazer has become a closet staple for everyone, so I've got that covered too. So I tore it out and stuck it with the pile of dusty torn inspiration pages for a rainy day. Said day arrived yesterday and here is the result.
I added a cable sweater instead of a blouse, as it made it a little more comfortable for me. I'm constantly finding inspiration from looks worn by fashion-loving girls all over the web or mags, but when I copy them they are always interpreted in a more laid back way. Not sure if I'm too scared to go all out or if I just don't have a place to wear that same outfit, all out. Probably the latter. If I had opportunity, I think I'd be all over it! 

Truly, I love to dress like every day is a special occasion. 

It's what makes me happy. Just does. 
{blazer - Gap, sweater - Goodwill, skirt - Forever 21, boots - T J Maxx, bracelets - Forever 21 & Piperlime}

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  1. I like your version much better! It looks more comfy (and warmer) than the magazine. Very cute!


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