Wednesday, November 2, 2011

What's Yours Is Mine

This sweat shirt belongs to the huz and from the moment he set his eyes on it, my own lit up. You see, I saw the potential in this top ... the opportunity. I've waited since our trip to Chicago (when it was purchased) to actually steal it and make it my own. Didn't want to ruin it for him, you know. Aren't I sweet? 

So a couple of days ago was my chance. A very last minute, end of day throw it on and walk out the door. No questions asked ... until I asked him to take a picture of my outfit. Then I explained, "I really just want to wear something big and comfy and it was laying there all stripe-y and appealing. So I slipped it on."  (a huge hug and kiss followed suit).

Won't make a routine of it because soon enough, he will decide he's not too into this whole "what's yours is mine" thing extending into the depths of our wardrobes. And I'm thrilled to pieces that he's got a few super-amazing J. Crew sweaters and button ups finally, which I really do want him to enjoy all on his own (and there's nothing of mine that I can share with him, so it's really not fair). It's just that we're all seeing our "boyfriend"'s clothes with new eyes now. And the 90's are pushing their (un)fashionable styles back into our lives making oversized pretty again! I've laughed at those high school pics of me in oversized overalls and flannels on so many occasions, yet here I am, peeking through my husband's clothes.  

BUT ... he's only now finally come around to the sharing of food off of his plate (almost 12 years later!!!), allowing me a bite every so often. So I think it's best to not push it.

** Sigh** 

It was a very lovely outfit and moment I had here. Very lovely indeed. 
{necklace - Forever 21, sweatshirt - J. Crew (mens), jeans - Gap, heels - Nine West}

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  1. You are so pretty, and I absolutely love your style! I think it's really cool that your sweatshirt is from the men's section! :)

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