Thursday, December 15, 2011

A Photo Shoot {the Gustafson family}

Today I'm thrilled to feature one of my favorite family's in the whole wide world, the Gus', working the camera like pros. 
If you're interested in scheduling a photo shoot of your own, email me at 

Off to see my 1st grader in his school's Christmas program tonight. So looking forward to that! He's a star, of course. :) And tomorrow I'm off to Chicago for a shopping trip with my man and my sister and her Jbo. Can't wait to get away with a pair of amazing people, shop with my sister (at Anthro ... for hours!), eat divine food, see a romantic movie (that's right dudes, we're picking), and talk the boy's ears off. 

And with no children. Heaven! 


  1. Beautiful family, C is getting so big! They all seem to grow so fast! The first picture is my favorite, you have a great eye for photography Kirsty! Love these photo shoots!

  2. Beautiful pictures, Kirsty! Have a wonderful time tonight and all weekend!:-)



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