Friday, December 9, 2011

Sparkly Beret

 Just a quick outfit post today. Loving my hats at the moment and will for months to come. This just happens to be the most festive and so it's getting a little more wear than the others. 
 Where's the snow? I know it!

It's a bit strange listening to Mr Buble sing of a White Christmas when there is none, and I know full well that there should be here in our usually frozen tundra. Not worried though ... it will come. 
{beret - Target, blouse & cords - Old Navy, vest - Azure (GB), boots - T J Maxx}

After my long winded story yesterday about my life of dancing, my mom sent me an email with a few comments. I thought I'd add them here, since they embellish the story a bit. She reminded me of what happened once I had finally turned 13 and was able to make that long-awaited decision for myself - Will I continue dancing or quit? 

(I have moms ask me all the time if they should allow their daughter to quit when she complains of wanting to. So I just tell them what happened to me.)

From mom -
"To add to your memories - when you told me it was too hard and that you wanted to give up, I told you that when you turned 13 and did your Elementary exam," (the particular grade I was in in RAD ballet - not quite the same as Elementary schooling here!) "you could make the choice. I sat outside the examination hall in Johannesburg while you danced for an hour and a half! You came out dripping with perspiration and exhausted. My first question to you was, "So do you want to still give up?" You looked at me horrified and said, "No mom, absolutely no". We both sat in the car hugging and crying!"

I thought that was cool. Also, she said I should have mentioned that the show I toured with performed "off" Broadway in New York City. Thanks mom! Taken care of. :)

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