Monday, December 19, 2011

Sunday Best {holiday green}

 This weekend was sensational, our word of the week (introduced by one Mr Bomar, who seems incapable of eating a steak without drooling over it and exclaiming how "sensational" it really is ... several times. Love that Mr. B and have adopted the word for the week). As aforementioned, we were in Chi town for a couple of days, shopping and eating, eating and shopping with a movie at the very end. All I will say about it right now is that it is so seriously wonderful to sit and eat a meal for 2-3 uninterrupted, lazy hours. And boy oh boy, was the food good! I'll post my weekend in pics soon. 

For now, here is my most recent dress up moment. I picked up this silk blouse at J. Crew during my shopping shenanigans on Friday and it was a steal at $28 (usually $98, choke!). It had recently been taken off of the mannequin which was redressed with a more festive color, so I was in luck. 
{ear rings - Banana Republic, jacket - Gap, blouse - J. Crew, skirt - Target, boots - T J Maxx}

Busy, busy day. Parker has his birthday party in a mere 53 minutes, so I must be off! 

Till tomorrow...

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