Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Sunday Best {printed silk}

On Sunday I was inspired by this silky asymmetrical dress in the Anthropologie catalog, knowing I had a similar style in my closet from the 90's actually, styling it in my own way. I'm having fun with this whole idea ... finding that outfit to sort of base mine off of. It actually makes getting dressed a little easier, in a way. At least it gives me that initial inspired idea instead of my usual staring blankly at those hangers with no idea of where to start. So I hope to carry on this fine Sunday tradition for some time, but we'll see!
{scarf - Target, sweater - Gap, dress - Arden B, boots - Michael Kors from T J Maxx}

PS: I never mention this really but just in case you care or occasionally wonder if I'm only showing new clothing here (a shopoholic at its best!), I assure you that I am not. Most of my clothes are old, some ancient as I have a bit of a hoarding problem in that regard, and sometimes there's a bit of new. And while I love shopping for new clothes, I'm a really a mixologist. Yes, that's a fancy new name for me. What I mean by that is that I love to continue to wear the old items in my closet year after year, the classics, and mix them with the new trendy items which I prefer to buy at Forever 21 as it's so cheap. But I'm most smitten with the ancient, or vintage pieces, which I'm happy to buy at thrift stores as well as my local antique dealer. Mixology. :) I'm sure that's what we're all best at. 

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