Friday, January 27, 2012

Pretty Picks {bohemian rhapsody}

The prettiest of picks for you today, on this happiest of Fridays. I'm feeling my heart strings tugging for spring though I'm keeping sweaters on hand for at least 6 more weeks (sad face).
A sweet drawing 
These rings are so stunning
Rainy day project
leather clad
photos, flowers and floors - oh my!
A girl can dream ...
... with that white summer dress
rich textiles
perfect bangs
flowers in her hair

in love with this
 A sweet look with cute ideas for continuing to layer favorites through a very chilly February (funky bookworm specs included).
 Closet organization. I had a reader question about this topic and this picture is similar to what I do, minus the stunning collection of dresses and heels. I use these velvet skinny hangers which do wonders. And I coordinate by color - dresses and skirts first, pants second, blouses and sweaters third (sweaters hang well on these hangers and you can find them at Target, though they're a little pricey). I find that color coordinating works best for me when I'm looking for something to wear as it helps me feel more inspired when I see things hung in a color happy way. And I tend to rotate items monthly, giving those that are folded on the shelf above a little hang time too and eventual wear time. I have a small closet, so not everything can be hung. Switching a few pieces each month keep my outfits "fresh", if you will. I keep my shoes on floor racks under the hangers and once again, rotate them, but with the seasons instead. I know you'd think I have endless amounts of clothing to store but it's not true. Its just that I actually wear all of my clothes, where I think many women wear only a small percentage of the clothing from their wardrobes. So I'd suggest that you move your go-to pieces to the back and put some old favorites to the front. Don't get stuck in a rut!
New craft on the horizon for a romantic Valentine's table!
And this brings me to question #2, in regards to smelly, musty vintage finds. I love vintage sheets, afghans and quilts and yes, they are often smelly. But I'm lucky enough to have an awesome GE steam cleaning washer and I use the high efficiency Tide cleaner with this machine. I used to use free and clear cleaners because of my son's sensitive skin but it made no difference in the end. So with the new washer/dryer and the need for HE detergent I was thrilled to find that the Tide brand left such a wonderful clean fresh scent after laundering, and even with the vintage textiles and bedding. No more smells! I do wash on the delicate cycle (twice if necessary) and I hang dry. In regards to clothing, the same applies and if dry cleaning is necessary then so be it. But that hardly ever seems to happen. Hope that helps!

Have a fantastic weekend friends!

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  1. Love those boots that you could pair with a white summer dress. Perfection.



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