Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Pretty Picks {bundled up}

 Hello friends! And welcome to all new readers popping by, particularly all Skunkboy fans. So happy to have you here!  

Just a little inspiration for today. With 3 months of snow-covered winter looming ahead of me, I'm eyeing up the chicest of cozy ensembles the internets over. I think they may just kick me off of Pinterest at this point, what with all the space I'm consuming there. 

These are all the looks that are revving me up for winter and keeping me inspired with my wardrobe. It's just not that easy looking cute January through March but we're going to give it a good ol'try!
love, love, love
 smarty pants frames and buttoned up shirts (to the tippy top)
 definitely have a soft spot for that boho-meets-rocker vibe
a more (realistically) casual look
and we always find time for even a wintry sparkle
finally found a little spot here in GB that sells these gorgeous things
 perfect little somethings for valentines, no?

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  1. Such an inspiring post. Thanks for sharing. New follower :)

  2. Thanks blytheponytailparades! So happy to have you here. :)


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