Wednesday, February 1, 2012

One Line a Day

I definitely have a fondness for journaling and have been keeping a diary since I was about 11 years. But nowadays it's difficult to keep up with it, as we all well know, and so when I discovered the "One Line a  Day" journal at Barnes and Noble, I thought it was such a great idea. I didn't pick it up at the time but I decided to write those 1 lines daily in another safe spot, memories to keep forever, focused on the boys.  

These are from last week and it seems that little E took the cake on a daily basis. Note to self - must focus on big boys happenings next week. 

1.22 (Sunday) - Parker went to sleep in his bed for a nap today, first time in a good year, in a desperate attempt to avoid homework!

1.23 (Monday) - Little E likes to take baths ... several times a day. 

1.24 (Tuesday) - Elliot's favorite thing to say through out the day is, "Mommy, I tired" with a great big sigh, just to get my reaction (usually an "Oh shame"). 

1.25 (Wednesday) - E likes to sing "I like to voove it, voove it" which sometimes he turns into "I dink my daddy's (Monty, etc) tupid" (naughty thing!).

1.26 (Thursday) - When I put E to bed he always asks for daddy to sing "twinkle, twinkle" right after me and if I retort in the least he shouts at me, before I can complete my sentence, "I no talking to you!"

1.27 (Friday) - I love it that Phil pops in to check on the big boys sleeping each night before he comes to bed. 

1.28 (Saturday) - E hates pooping (I think he's had one too many bad diaper rashes) so when he does, he runs away from me yelling "nooooo!"

On that note, here's an outfit for you! Something incredibly comfy but still much fancier than the yoga pants we often reach for. Ghastly things. :)
{sweater - Besselli (GB), top & shoes - T J Maxx, pants - Gap}

Earlier in the week I was made aware of some rude comments made about my blog. At the time they bothered me a little, and I really do try to have thick skin about this business as I know many will dislike what they see and some will voice it, but it stills gets to me sometimes. If anything, it makes me really think about my priorities. 

Anyway, these particular opinions voiced a major disdain for my fashion posts and I believe that they thought I have horrible style. Something to that effect. Another commented that they hated my bangs and thought they didn't suit me (the upside is that they did say what hair they'd prefer on me which is something you always wish your hair stylist would just tell you, right?). There was more, but it was simply an attempt to bash this blog (don't like this, don't like that). Strange, isn't it? 

Today I'm feeling better about it, good enough to tell you all. I take things to heart because what I do here means so much to me. And I try to give you quality content and I hope you think it is so. My purpose is to inspire woman, moms specifically, to see the world through rose colored glasses (cause so often we lose that), to make time to look and enjoy the beauty around us when there's so little time to do so. To find their creative side again and work those muscles a bit more. To feel good about themselves ... to take time to feel beautiful again. 

But no "press" is bad press, right? And I did have readers head this way because of what was said. That's one good thing. :)

We all love different things and are attracted to varied styles and designs (it's what makes you interesting). This is me and it's what I love so I'm going to keep on sharing it. And the bangs, well I like them too so they're sticking around! 



  1. I could help but laugh out loud at 1.25, only because I've known Phil for a while now...what a good sport:)

  2. Oh I'm so sorry, that would be so hard to hear. SOO...thus I wanted to let you know that I LOVE your style and think your hair is adorable! You are incredibly brave to leave everything out there for us to look at and judge, and I for one am thankful! I love this blog and everything about it! :)

  3. sweet Kirsty, your blog is nothing but delightful, inspiring, and sweet. you are gorgeous head to toe. I want you to come live in my closet so you can dress me every day! :) love, love, love the blog! xoxo

  4. Dear Kirsty,
    Even though we are worlds apart in our style, age and the part of God's universe that you and I spent our growing years we are alike in our appreciation of the beauty that surrounds us both within our families and our homes. Keep blogging from your heart...that is where I see your beauty!
    Nancy Tomcek

  5. Kirsty-

    Thank goodness you didn't wilt like a flower from the negative press!!:-) I look forward to seeing your new posts each day and LOVE seeing ALL your posts. You inspire me to maybe try new things with my wardrobe that I normally wouldn't attempt. Thanks for putting yourself out there!


  6. One line a day journal? Brilliant.

    Some people can be so stinky! But in getting extra press-even not wanted- it led to more people finding you who love your blog and you, so you could almost thank them..

    You completely inspire me to try new things and stretch those unused creative muscles so thank you Kirsty! : )


Thanks for reading!
xx Kirsty

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