Tuesday, February 21, 2012

One Line a Day

13th - Little E loves to call us on the phone at bedtime if one of us is missing, a conversation filled with "I love you"'s and "night night"'s, often ending abruptly when his nose hits the end button after all those smooches. 
14th - It's so sweet to see the excitement that ensues with handing out and receiving Valentines (though I wonder how soon this might change, particularly with boys?).
15th - When I ask Elliot to help me clean up a mess (put on his shoes, brush his teeth, etc.) he says, "No, I busy!" .... always (usually gabbled while in a prone position, utterly un-busy).
16th - Parker is giving a presentation on his favorite animal, the giraffe, today and though we've practiced saying the lines while making eye contact with his audience I have a feeling he'll be glued to his papers when he gets up there. 
17th - Lost 5 points for lack of eye contact and another 5 for penmanship (still a 90 though!) - surely handwriting this messy must mean that I have a future doctor on my hands! 
18th - Both Parker and Monty LOVE going to the dentist, completely unexpected and pretty odd really, though "whew!".
19th - I love the way Monty wakes up in the morning always so warm and gushy, just like a little puppy. :)

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