Monday, February 27, 2012

Sunday Best {dress as blouse}

 Ooa - ooa! Ooa - ooa! 

This is what we chant in Zumba class when we think we're super cool! You do too right? This is normal? This particular dress-into-a-blouse effort was a sufficiently cool moment and I thought deserved a good exclamation of some sort. Hah!

I'm so fond of this purple bird print dress but you can only wear it to church so often before people start remembering. So I thought I'd layer over it. Not a bad idea huh? You should give it a try ... and show us a pic (how about here on Facebook).
{dress (as top) - Fossil, tank - Forever 21, skirt - Express, shoes - Jeffrey Campbell, ring - J. Crew, purse - Old Navy}

Sweet mommy story to tell - 
My first grader, Parker, has been sharing much more with me about what he does (or specifically loves) at school. He said that they've been listening to music by Johann Sebastian Bach and that it's a very sad and eery song. We spoke a while about Bach and he wanted to know which songs I knew. Thankfully I had a couple up my sleeve (from ballet class I suppose) and so I didn't seem like a total nitwit. He's also "singing" this precious little song in sign language, usually as he's tucking in for bed at night. It's the cutest thing you've ever seen. And he finally brought oodles of art home from school, something I'd been waiting for as they'd been so few and far between. There are several sweet pastels that I want to frame and they're all named - "The Forest of the Sun" and "Pastel Pond" etc. So very fancy, it makes me smile. His school doesn't have an emphasis on art and I'm completely fine with that (our other preferences won out in the end) but when I do hear about that side of his eduction it makes me a little giddy. It's obviously an enormous part of my life and so it's become part of the kid's lives too as they're surrounded by it everyday. It's just nice to hear that Parker loves it too. When he was younger (around 3) I wondered if I was pushing it on him and if he was acting interested to please me. Seems that whether that was true or not, he genuinely loves it now. So awesome. 

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