Monday, March 5, 2012

Sunday Best {blue melt}

 Whipped out a favorite piece from last spring yesterday, this pretty skirt with it's striking shades of blue. Paired it with a chambray popover (quite a fan of the popover shirt in fact!) and a blazer for a little warmth. 

As you can see, we've recently added at least 6 inches of snow to our landscaping (not sure what the final tally was). It's likely our last chance to build a snowman and sled down the hill that is our front yard, something the boys are THRILLED about! This winter has been so very snow-less that I really don't mind this last hurrah (as long as it's just that). With daylight savings meeting us again this weekend (how fast did this winter go!) spring is surely, surely around the corner. 

Fingers triple crossed!
{shirt - J. Crew, blazer - Gap, skirt - Target, clogs - Urban Outfitters}

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