Friday, April 6, 2012

Be Still My Heart {lovely wedges}

Still layering my tops this spring, as it's not yet warm enough for just one. I'm completely happy with this arrangement as a good combination of soft + warm layers is my favorite way to galavant about town. In fact, we're all just lucky that I don't wear half of my wardrobe on my person at any given time, something that's not entirely irrational in my mind. I mean, come on, it's just all so wonderful! 

Now really the purpose of this post is to introduce you to these wedges. They're really and truly gorgeous and they were a minuscule $19, which makes it almost conceivable to by a pair in every color! I didn't ... just this "tribal" blue and tan. Tribal ... funny. 

 {tops - J. Crew Factory, necklace - heirloom, purse (vintage Dooney and Bourke) - thrifted, jeans - Gap, wedges - Old Navy}

I snapped this photo inside before my man came home for lunch. Thought there was a chance that we wouldn't actually get to take outfit pictures that afternoon. Anyway, sharing it too cause little E looks so cute in the background. Just another day ...

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