Wednesday, May 23, 2012

A Family Photo Shoot

My family was in dire need of a photo shoot that included each member together! And I'm working on some photos for an upcoming issue of Green Bay Moms magazine and we needed a nice family photo for that article too. So my brother-in-law was in town over the weekend and I begged him to take a few pictures of us out on the dock that extends off of the property of a lucky friend's home. It was a stunning evening outside and I couldn't be happier with the results. Thank you Uncle Jonny and Callista!
 Thanks for being willing to get all cutesy with me, dear husband. I love you and these boys so much!


  1. Love love love these....they are beautiful! Makes me miss GB and all you crazy Gungor's...maybe a trip to Colorado is in order??

  2. They turned out beautiful!!!!:-)

  3. what beautiful pictures. they turned out great!

    now...i think you should do a tutorial on your lovely soft curls. :) how do you get your curls like that? i haven't figured that out yet. :)


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