Friday, June 29, 2012

Mama Style {LBPD}

This is my little black printed dress and I love it. And those are Elliot's new blue skinny jeans from South Africa. Aren't they rockin? As you can tell, he wasn't a fan of all this nonsense. 

We're looking forward to a relaxed weekend together with nothing busy on the agenda. We'll go where ever the wind blows, which sounds perfect. I wouldn't mind if it blew towards the pool, or perhaps to see Brave. I'd love it if I could muster up the energy to finally try dip dyeing my cut offs and I'd also love to start a new book. What are you up to this weekend?

Really, really looking forward to next week! Of course there's the 4th of July celebrations which are always a blast. It should mean some time out on the boat with the fam and we're thinking of allowing the big boys to stay up to watch the fireworks this year. Yeah, we're sticklers with bed times. And then the husband and I are heading to Tulsa on Thursday for a long blissful weekend. I'm heading there for a reunion that's for the dance company I toured with in the late 90's and though I could not make it back for my high school reunion, I had to make a plan for this one. The people I toured with changed the color of my life forever and I can't wait to see faces that I've not seen in 13 years. Reunions are always interesting, so we'll see ... 

Anyway, see you on Monday!
{dress - Hey Daisy! (GB), belt - Forever 21, shoes - Old Navy}

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  1. I thought the movie Brave as wonderful and that dress is lovely, especially on you!


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