Tuesday, July 3, 2012

DIY Bleached Denim

Well I finally got around to dipping my newest cut offs in a sink of bleach and I love the result. Here's how it all went down ...
1. I grabbed a pair of jeans that I never wore anymore. Oversized was important here cause I wanted them to fit like a pair of boyfriend shorts. This particular pair was from my "larger" post college days and I'd managed to squeeze into them first and second pregnancies as well. Plus, you know how I hold on to clothes. There was just something about these jeans that I liked ... enough to not throw them out. Good thing! So obviously step 1 would be to cut them to the desired length.
2. I did a quick google search and found that most agreed that a 1-1 ratio between water and bleach worked well enough, so onwards! I have a great industrial sized sink in my laundry room, so I filled it about 3 inches high and hung the shorts from a hanger hooked to the faucet. It was impressive to watch the liquid rise up the shorts, defying gravity like that. You apparently do not need to have much of the fabric in the water. It will certainly bleed. 
3. I soaked it for about 18 hours and they were done! A quick rinse in cold water and then a wash and dry encouraged the fray. And here they are ... ta da!
{shirt - J. Crew Factory, necklace - Anthropologie, bracelets - American Eagle and T J Maxx, jeans turned cut offs - Hollister, shoes - Topshop}

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