Friday, August 10, 2012

Mama Style {copy cat}

I love denim shirts so much, wear them several days out of the week as they make the dressing decision quickest for me. Plus they're hands down the comfiest and most versatile options I own. So when I saw this adorable outfit (pictured all the way at the bottom of the post), I was completely sold! It's the perfect look for our GB August, a way to transition the mid-summer dress into summer's cooler end. 

So this is my version of her look. I have a similar striped skirt but unfortunately not a dress and I believe the key to tying a shirt without drawing negative attention to my curvy waistline (grrr!) is by ensuring that there is a dress layered beneath the shirt. And while I do have a pair of white converse sneakers on my wish list, they remain firmly ... there. So sandals worked best for today. Oh, and I wasn't trying to do anything cool with my hair. I was simply battling the wind. :)
{dress & shirt - Gap, bracelet - Azure, bag - H&M, shoes - Aldo}
{found here}

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