Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Our First Day of School

Today my two little guys went off to their first day of school. They were both so excited about it too, Monty moving up into a new classroom for Kindergarten and little E into a bit of pre-school. Elliot thought he was the coolest kid in town and couldn't wait to go to school. When I picked him up at the end of his day (he goes from 9-12, 3 days a week), he said, "We stand in straight lines!" Monty turned  5 in June but I think he's ready to start learning reading, writing and math at a Kindergarten level. The younger 2 attend a Montessori school and I felt that M would gain so much by studying these subjects now and having opportunity to develop leadership skills and have "big kid" responsibilities (as an example, last year he had a speaking part in the Christmas production which was awesome for his confidence). Anyway, my plan is to move him to Parker's school next year as a new 6 year old and have him take Kindergarten again there with a new group of kids. It's a classical school and quite a bit more difficult, so I think it will be an appropriate move for him at that age. So that's the plan with my little Ro.

I found this adorable printable and had each boy take a picture on their first day to remember this momentous occasion. Not sure if you can read it as well as I'd like but oh well, cute nonetheless.
{Parker lost that other front tooth today!}
 {Monty rarely goes anywhere without a little toy to keep him company. This week's tagalong was "Cutie"}
{We love you Spiderman!}

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  1. adorable!! Love them and the pics are cute too!! Hope they all had good days and a great school year!! :)


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