Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Traveling Family {part 1}

Oh man! We are back, dear friends, and it was the best little holiday we've ever had! I'm starting with pictures from day 1 and I believe this should all be completed in 55 parts. No big deal. :)

We were in California, staying at a resort called Pelican Hill which was just up the road from Laguna and Newport Beach. My father-in-law is a marriage speaker and he was asked to speak at an event held at the resort's golf club which in turn meant that we all had the awesome opportunity to stay at this place. It was like nothing I've ever been to. Absolutely stunning, first of all, a getaway for the super, super wealthy. We were a little out of our league there but hey, no one knew but us. ;) Just pulling up to the lobby was mouth dropping, looking out of the windows of our rented van at the fanciest of fancy cars, all lined up in a row. What a life! 

On day 1 we were shuttled to the beach and it was a tumultuous few hours (little E kept us on our toes for the entire trip) but still, I loved it. The sea and the beach bring back so many childhood memories - we went to the coast just about every year when we were living in South Africa - and I completely adore the sound of the ocean, the smell, the feel of the sand between my toes, the beach bum atmosphere. Everything about it is just wonderful. Now Elliot .... well, at first he wasn't too sure about it. As the sand began to seep into his flip flops and in between his tiny toes, his voice raised in great indignation. That was not something he was prepared for or happy about at all. But once we convinced him to take off his shoes and to get a little dirty, he was all about it. In fact, he spend much of his time laying in the sand, best friend's with the mess. And he loved the water, though for his first time in he got quite nervous when the tide went back out (afraid he'd get pulled away with it). We spent much of our time walking hand in hand along the beach, my little man and I. 

The big boys were awesome. Monty's skin started burning almost immediately from the salt water (he has very dry, itchy skin) but it got better eventually and they had a ball. We ate mahi, mahi BLT's for lunch right there under that gorgeous seaside sun. Paradise. 

So here we go! Plenty of pictures of my boys taking a rare moment to enjoy the sand. We're not a really messy bunch around here. 

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