Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Arthur's Tea Party

Our family was invited to Arthur's 3rd birthday party over the weekend and his mom asked that I photograph his special celebration so that they could just enjoy the afternoon. Now Arthur is one of Elliot's friends and this little man has impeccable taste. Just look at that outfit! Arthur, like Monty, loves drinking tea and so his parents invited all of his family and little friends over for a tea party. His rockstar mom made everything and it was so delicious! And the kids all loved it, as is evident by the pictures.
This is so sweet you guys! ;) What an amazing party is was. Thanks again for having us over!


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  2. Hello Kirsty,

    I stumbled across your blog on Facebook via "Arthur's Tea Party" (I went to primary school with Blaire) and I just wanted to compliment you on your lovely blog.

    I've enjoyed your gorgeous photos of your family, home and life in Green Bay. It's made me a bit homesick!

    Wonderful stuff, thanks again!
    Erin x


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